Examining a Proof Sheet

benefits of screen printing

Screen printing provides many benefits, including quality, durability, versatility, and profitability, making it a more feasible alternative to other types of printing processes. It offers good quality, yielding better color results and higher production speeds on a variety of different substrates.

Screen printing allows for more substantial ink coverage, producing the superior image quality and tends to be more forgiving for each type of material on which the ink is applied. It is versatile enough to work with most any material, with a quality that would be impossible with even costlier printing processes.

Screen printing is a more cost-effective option than most other types of printing processes. This is especially true with larger printing jobs, wherein the cost per print lessens the more prints are made. For projects that require a large number of prints, screen printing is the most feasible choice.

Screen printing offers a wide range of options concerning the size of the final print. From the smallest designs to the largest, screen printing has proven to be quite effective at producing satisfactory results. It could also be used to apply designs on different shaped objects, significantly adding to its versatility.
Using line screen that is twice the resolution of standard screen printing, we deliver a product that is higher quality and more cost-effective than most digital printing.


Our commitment to you is that we do our best on every job. We strive to keep that commitment through a process of continuous improvement in our skills, equipment, and technology. In this way, we keep our costs competitive for all products, printed banners, for example, without sacrificing our excellent quality.

Since 1992, clients have known that they can come to us with the pressing jobs which require very tight turnaround times to meet deadlines. We are the “go-to shop” they’ve come to rely on, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction in all that we do.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Not only do we meet our own high standards, but we also meet rigorous standards to achieve the G7® Master Qualification each year. This award is presented by Idealliance, a non-profit group dedicated to guiding print production standards.

This qualification is a set of best practices for achieving gray balance, and the driving force for visual similarity across print processes. Only printers using the most modern technology, techniques, and controls to calibrate imaging devices achieve consistency this high. We apply this for all our projects from business cards to posters to flyers.

Again and Again

It’s good to be able to print a high-quality product for a client, such as a canvas print, for instance, but it’s great to be able to achieve that level of excellence time after time. It’s not an easy task, but maintaining a consistent brand look across many products is what our clients trust us for, and we fulfill their needs every time.

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